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Wind Power

Áreas de Atuação do Grupo Energia - Participação Societária em Usinas e PCHs

Energia Consult is among the few companies in Brazil fully qualified to meet any demands from clients and wind power generation investors. The company’s structure is able to furnish wind power generation services, counting with modern tools and skilled professionals with international experience to deal with all stages of the development of wind farms.

Engineers and specialists in civil construction, electrical and mechanical engineering, environment, management and wind generators enable Energia Consult to offer complete solutions for wind power generation, including due diligence of wind farms, specifications for anemometer towers, analyses of wind measuring consistency, power studies, selection of wind generators, detailed description of the infrastructure of the wind farms (access, foundations, electrical network, substations etc.) and the management and implementation of the farms (civil construction works, supply of electro-mechanical items and commissioning).

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