We have a solid and rich experience in the development, implementation and modernization of large and small hydropower plants. Our performance in Due Diligence, Proprietary Engineering, EPCM and Basic and Executive Projects exceeds the 20 GW track record. 


P = 700 MW,
Basic and Detailed Design 

 Constran / EDP

HPP Ilha Solteira

P = 3.444 MW 
Owner’s Engineering

 China Three Gorges-CTG

HPP Boa Esperança

P = 237 MW EPCM

 Chesf / Eletrobras


Our services in solar power plants range from distributed power generation systems to large solar complexes. We are one of the companies with the largest volume of references in Due Diligences and Owner’s Engineering. We operate in the most diverse service areas, including basic and detailed designs, due diligences, owner’s engineering, asset management, operation and maintenance of solar power plants.

UFV Futura

P = 1.150 MW,

Basic Design


UFV Juazeiro

P = 90 MW 

Owner’s Engineering


Complexo UFV Paracatu

P = 120 MW

Owner’s Engineering



We are a qualified company to meet any demands of customers and investors in wind power generation. We have a team of engineers specialized in the civil, electrical, mechanical, environmental, management and wind turbine disciplines, which allows us to offer complete solutions in wind power generation, covering wind farm due diligence, owner’s engineering, windfarm implementation management (civil works, electromechanical supplies and commissioning), operational asset management and operation and maintenance.

EOL Complex Fragata e Paraíso Azul

P = 323 MW,

Basic Design

Pacific Hydro

EOL Alto Sertão II

P = 384 MW,

Owner’s Engineering

 Revova Energia

EOL Complex Picuí & Salitre

P = 660 MW,

Due Diligence

China Three Gorges


We are a benchmark in the due diligence of thermal power generation projects to support M&A and financing processes. Our highly qualified team understands the complexity of the business both in the implementation of new plants as in the refurbishment and modernization of existing power plants. 

UTE’s Portfólio Multiner

 P = 3.753 MW,
Due Dilligence

Multiner & FIP Caixa

UTE’s Yungay & Auaytia

P = 414 MW, 

Due Dilligence

Banco Patria

UTE Maracanaú

P = 168 MW, 

Due Dilligence

Banco BTG Pactual


Energia Consult has a solid experience in studies and projects of substations and transmission lines, with a multidisciplinary team, composed of specialized professionals with diversified experience in projects of this nature, able to offer technical services for the elaboration of basic and executive designs, due diligences , owner’s and lender’s engineering, among others.

TL for HPP S. Manoel

 37 km / 500kV,

Detailed design and construction management 

TL – Lot A – Auction 013/2016

1.500 km / 500kV ,

Due Dilligence

Argo Transmissora

 TL Elenorte/Eteselva

476 km/230 kV & 267 km/138 kV,

Due Diligence

Argo Transmissora